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Market Intelligence

Industry estimates show that data decays at a rate of 25-30% every year.

 (DemandGen, May 2015)

Bad data is the bane of any marketing campaign. We work closely with clients to give you intelligent insight into potential clients with rich prospect data that goes far beyond basic contact details. Our goal is to help segment prospective customers for you, to determine current installations and infrastructure, discover pain points and find out the likelihood of solution changes over the next six, 12 or 18 months. Our continuous IT market surveying provides us with the most current intelligence about the prospects you want to target.

We compile data utilizing traditional list services augmented by our own proprietary strategies to provide you with rich, in-depth business intelligence. In addition to conducting standard cleansing to eliminate redundant data and inaccuracies and email verification, our call specialists make sure you’re targeting both decision makers and key influencers in your specific technology solution target market. We’ll discover:

    • Install base
    • Selection process (bids, RFP, etc.)
    • Pain points
    • Procurement buying cycle
    • Budgetary constraints
    • Contract renewals/technology refresh timing

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