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The problem with utilizing third party appointment setting services for partners is that it is very difficult to track success and calculate tangible ROI from these appointments.  Utilize our simple cloud based Post Appointment Survey Tool (PAST) to enable you to place accountability into the follow-up process.  Our easy to use application allows you to control and track the assignment of appointments with no login or password required and provides you with post appointment feedback which gives you the ability to accurately track ROI.

PAST was designed to solve the following common issues with third party appointments set for partners:

  • High percentage of “no shows” by prospects and in some cases, by partner assigned sales rep
  • Confusion about  assignment of who will follow up on leads and/or appointment
  • Flawed reporting and management does not allow for good ROI tracking
  • Provide data regarding the quality of leads and appointments by source

PAST works to seamlessly imbed accountability into the follow up process.  Simply upload your appointments into PAST and the application will give you a “stereo” view of all appointment. PAST easily tracks the appointment status enabling you to see when an appointment has been accepted by both the partner and the prospect.  It also gives you visibility into appointments that have not been accepted enabling further communication to ensure they are acted upon.  Once an appointment is complete, PAST automatically sends out a fully customized post-appointment survey to both the partner and the prospect.  This provides you with critical feedback into appointment outcomes and gives you the ability to gauge the effectiveness of your programs with calculatable ROI.  

You can easily incorporate PAST into your appointment based marketing campaigns.  The application:

  • Is Email based with no log-in or passwords required
  • Controls and tracks the assignment of leads internally to ensure proper reporting
  • Allows for infinite number of reassignments until appointment is accepted by the partner sales representative
  • Promotes high user adoption rate to proactively follow up input for ROI
  • Downloads to XLS/CSV format for easy import into your CRM System

How Past Works:

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